Countdown Widget Studio

Keep an eye on your upcoming events – directly on your Home Screen! Create minimalistic widgets that countdown to the big day.

The widgets in Widget Studio are highly customizable and clean-designed, so that nothing distracts your focus from the concert, your best friend‘s birthday or whatever you‘re currently looking forward to! It‘s quick, easy, and looks awesome. Welcome to Widget Studio.

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Birthday Widget Studio

Keep track of all upcoming birthdays. – Directly from your Home Screen. Import birthdays directly from your contacts, create them manually or have them generated automatically from a CSV file. As easy as pie!

Once installed you never have to worry about forgetting a birthday again.

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Sam – Your smart companion

Sam could be your new personal companion, helping you to organize your daily tasks more efficiently. If you want to get something done, Sam will prioritize all the tasks you’ve put aside and show you the best fit.

And that’s how it works:

1. Create a task you need to think of.
2. Link it up with some conditions that need to be fulfilled to deal with it. For example, he reminds you to sort your polaroid photo collection when it’s a rainy day ✅, when you are located at home  ✅ and the wifi is connected ✅  all at the same time. It’s that easy.
3. Sam will bring the task up right when it’s relevant for you.

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